October 26, 2015

Just Roll With It! Sight Word Activities for Fast Finishers & Sight Word Linky Party!

Prepping for centers each week can get exhausting! I often place choice buckets out for fast finishers on top of the 4 literacy centers I made each day. I've been looking for fun ways for my students to review sight words that also cuts down on some of the prep that goes into planning for each week. I made this center to give students engaging ways to learn and spell sight words and also to help teachers by giving a prep-free center to use all year long. Yes, I said ALL year long! Hellloooo sanity saver! Here's how it works...

First I printed the poster(above) and laminated it. Each week I simply write the sight word(s) we are focusing on and ta-da! 

When you first set-up this center you'll need the following materials:
colored pencils
letter beads
pipe cleaners
magnet letters

I place all of the items in a bin along with the dice. Students bring the bin to a table and roll the dice...

If students roll 'Rainbow Write It" they use the colored pencils to rainbow write the sight words. I included recording paper.

If students roll "Bead It" they use the letter beads to string the sight word. They can do this several times or even make a bracelet out of it if you have enough beads for students to take home. 

If students roll "Build It" they build the sight word with letter magnets or letter cubes. 

If students roll "Construct It" they construct the sight word with pipe cleaners. 

If students roll "Make It" they make the sight word out of Play-Doh. 

And everyone's favorite... If students roll "Paint It" they paint the sight words. I like the paint markers because they tend to be less messy! You can get them HERE. I also included the recording paper for this.

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