February 26, 2018

Using Qball in my First Grade Classroom: A Throwable, Wireless Microphone

I love integrating technology and movement into my classroom as much as possible. Having a room of 20-something 6-year-olds has taught me that I must find creative ways to integrate both on a daily basis, however, these products must be durable (I have enough cracked iPads to prove this)! 

When I saw Qball online, I knew it would be perfect for my classroom. After having my Qball for about a week now, here are a few things I learned. This is an unbiased, unsponsored post! 

I LOVE using Qball in morning meeting. It's a perfect way to highlight an individual speaker. It encourages my quieter students to share their thoughts. I take attendance each day asking how my students feel as they begin the day. It's a great way for students to share their concerns and excitements about the day. I'm able to gauge the general vibe of my classroom this way. 

I love using the Qball during whole-group lessons! Students share answers and discuss various topics using this microphone. They are so much more engaged once I take the Qball out because they all want a chance to use it. Answers are amplified throughout the room to ensure each person can hear the speaker. This is especially useful because I have flexible seating. 

* Qball makes every seat a front row seat
* It's super engaging
* It makes quiet voices louder
* It encourages movement 
* Super durable microphone 
* You can hook the microphone to your shirt and use it while teaching. 

* Students have tendency to put their mouths directly on the microphone part. Germ City!
* It's expensive ($179)

I did only found 1 coupon code. Thought I'd share:
Free Shipping - SHRKTNK

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