September 24, 2017

CAFE: EDITABLE Rules for Daily 5

Daily 5 Rules

Establishing clear rules that everyone agrees on is an important part of implementing the Daily 5 in any classroom. This products allows you to make rules with the students and display them in a cute way. It's also nice and small so it saves precious wall space. 

Type student responses in and make the frame together. Place in a 4x6 frame.

September 18, 2017

9 of the Best Things Teachers Need to Buy on Amazon Right Now (Under $30)

Teaching is tough so treat yourself, girl (or boy)!  

1. This concrete desktop planter for your desk at work.
Turn your desk into an oasis with this modern piece. Plus, succulents need very little water so maybe this plant will actually stay alive!

Summer vacation is only 10 not-so-short months away. Start your planning and saving with this decorative piggie bank!

3. These rose gold pens
For the rose gold fanatic in us all.

For those days when you put your hand in something sticky... and you're pretty certain it wasn't glue. 

Every teacher deserves come papering. 

Your school lunch may not be appetizing, but your thumb drive sure will! 

7. This charcoal-colored laptop sleeve.
You and your laptop will travel in style with is 13-inch felt laptop sleeve. 

8. This motivating pencil or make-up bag.
Think of your sweet pooch every time you grab a knick knack from this canvas bag,

9. This white marble rubber-coated MacBook cover.
Your laptop will have a new look with a rubber finish with this durable laptop skin. 

September 16, 2017

3 Tips to Get Your Students Signing into Chromebooks Independently

Technology in the classroom is great, but if not introduced properly, it can sometimes prove to be more of a nuisance than a valuable learning tool.  Here are a few tips for how to get your students started with the most difficult task.... signing in! 

1. Practice mouse & trackpad skills: I begin by allowing my students to sign in as a guest. I pull up some games that help teach students how to use the mouse or trackpad. This is important because many children are used to tablets and smartphones and assume all screens are touch screen. I recommend the website OWLIE BOO

2. Incorporate a 'Technology Coordinator' into your classroom jobs:  We all have them; students who know more about technology than even the most tech-savy teacher. Use them. I instruct students to go to these students before coming to me with technology help. 

3. Use visuals: When providing usernames and passwords, use visuals to not only show students their passwords, but where they should enter the information. I use lanyards and put their sign in cards inside the lanyard. You can get my editable Chromebook sign in cards HERE

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