January 31, 2017

Domino Run! Sight Word Game

Your students will LOVE practicing sight words with this fun game! Simply put alphabet stickers on blank dominos and print off the checklists! This includes 2 sight word lists depending on ability.

Students spell sight words by building domino tracks. Students check off sight words as they spell each word. Once they spell all of their words the push a domino down and watch them fall! You can get great wooden dominos here

January 29, 2017

Manipulative Based Word Work in Kindergarten

Word Work is one of the most popular Daily 5 Choices my students visit each day. I often buy learning materials from Lakeshore and other retailers to use in Word Work. Although the activities are both fun and educational, I wanted to make sure this work was meaningful by holding students accountable for their learning.

This dilemma brings me to my next Word Work Bundle.... I decided to make recording sheets and other activities to go along with some of the games I've purchased over the years. These activities hold students accountable for their learning while in Word Work, while also providing me with quick and simple assessment opportunities. 

Puppy Spelling

Students snap together the puppies and spell the words then draw a picture representing the word. 

Stacking Sentences
Manipulative Pictured: Word Building Stackers

I love this activity because the shapes on the puzzles help lead students to the correct vowel sound. Students then draw 3 pictures, spell the words, and use the words in a sentence. Attach recording sheet to a clipboard and you have an easy activity your students can use over and over. 

Twist & Spell

This is a favorite of mine because it's so simple. Students try to create words they can read by twisting the letters around. They write the word and draw a picture to match. 

Building Words

Manipulative Pictured: Build-A-Word Houses

This is always a fun choice because it involves building and spelling. I also love that it self corrects on the back. Students draw the picture on the roof and spell the word in the house. 

Building Words

Manipulative Used: Learning Resources ABC Cookies

Students use bookies to spell CVC words on cookie sheets (color printables) and record results on the recording sheet. 

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