February 24, 2016

Happy Birthday George Washington

A George Washington Close Read and SO Much More!

I know I'm a little late, but I wanted to share some fun things I did with my 2nd grade tutoring group for George Washington's birthday! Close reading is something I like to work with this group on. We spend the first few times reading a passage working on decoding strategies and then we move on to find the important information in the text. I do this by having students locate answers to questions by highlighting the evidence in the text. 

We also had some fun making a Facebook profile for him as well! Check it out here!

February 6, 2016

Winter CVC Center

I've been so excited to share my new CVC center I added to my Winter Math & Literacy Centers BUNDLE! Anyone who knows me can tell you that I'm a BIG fan of glitter, especially my custodian. I think it's a great way to make learning more fun for my students. Since my class is in the beginning stages of spelling CVC words, I've been using a lot of CVC matching games. This week we tried this glittery activity out and it was a hit!  Check it out!

 Click to Download

First, I wrote the CVC words on ping pong balls. I added them to cotton balls, glitter, and fake snow. I suggest putting it into a shallow, long bin of box. I ended up using the lid to a paper box.

 Click HERE to Download

Once students start picking 'snowballs', they find the matching picture on this page. They write the correct spelling under the picture. 

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