June 5, 2017

End-of-the-Year Student Favors: Writing with a Purpose

The end-of-the-year ALWAYS sneaks up on me. Every year. I love doing little favors for the students as a small token of my appreciation for a great year. Usually with 2 classes I try to stay within budget. The past few years I've given small plastic beach pails, however I feel apprehensive about simply purchasing a gift for the sake of giving a gift. This year I wanted to find something more meaningful for my students. That's when I decided to do a fun pen pal activity. This way students are able to practice writing over the summer and get mail. Remember how exciting it was receiving mail as a kid, also known as a time before bills? Now it's important that you commit to actually writing back to your students. Other than that, this is a fairly inexpensive end-of-the-year favor. To make it more exciting for the students I am attaching fun pencils for them to use while writing their letters. I used these Branch & Twig pencils.

You can download the poem HERE:

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