July 11, 2018

22 of My Favorite Things for My Classroom That You Can Order on Amazon Now!

Prime Day is July 16 - July 17 which means tons and tons of deals! This is always a good time to stock up on things for your classroom. Here are 22 of my favorite purchases I've made for my classroom on Amazon. Stock your carts now!

In order to get Prime Day deals, you must have Amazon Prime. To sign-up, use this affiliate link (at no extra cost to you). 

1. These industrial wire bins for your classroom library! These are nice and wide so books of every shape and size can fit!

2. This file organizer with 2 drawers! Perfect for organizing assessments!

3. A paper towel holder because we all know that classroom paper towels don't actually work! This one can be screwed into the wall to save precious table space!

4. These 10-sided decahedral dice! Perfect for using in math games where you need numbers 1-10. These dice in dice provide 2 numbers! Seriously guys, the best ever. You need these!

5. A label maker to make sure everything in your classroom has a place! This baby turned my closet from a hot mess into a perfectly organized space! 

6. These number pops are prefect for students learning numbers 1-10. 

7. These dry-erase fact family boards! I love these because they limit the need for worksheet which means less copying for you! I put these in my math bins as an independent activity during guided math.

8. You will find about a millions ways to use these kitchen timers! They have super strong magnets and clips on the back!

9. These ice cream scented dot markers might be my favorite thing ever! 

10. No more stole Diet Cokes in the crowded faculty fridge with this mini compact beverage refrigerator!

11. These stackable bins are what organized classrooms are made of! I put all of my math stations and word work in here and simply change out the bin as we learn new games. This way I never lose a game piece!

12. Upgrade any surface in your classroom with this marble effect contact paper!

13. Class up your classroom with a glittery chandelier

14. Tiggly interactive learning games for iPad! This is a fun and hands-on way for students of all levels to practice phonics, vocabulary, subtraction, addition, shapes, and so much more!

15. Sugar Rush scented gel pens! I put these in my work on writing area to entice my more reluctant writers. 

16. Gaiam Balance Ball Seat for your wiggly students!

17. This 12-drawer cart for a perfectly organized Work Work station! 

18. This beautiful rose gold framed monthly calendar. Never lose a calendar piece again by using a dry-erase calendar. 

19. A 10-slot dry-erase marker holder wall mount. 

20. The world's cutest and environmentally friendly lunch box set.

21. Enjoy coffee and tea even when you're not on prep with this cordless kettle!

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