January 22, 2014

Addition Dice Game FREEBIE!


Dice Addition Game FREEBIE!

This week's freebie! Enjoy!


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Sight Word Booklet Bundle


 My student cannot have enough practice with their sight words, especially since we have 2 a week now! We are currently on Journey's Unit 3, and since my students need the extra practice I made sight work booklets for each sight word for Unit 3 in Journey's. Students are asked to color by letter, unscramble sight words, read and write sentences, draw picture, cut and paste. Includes a spiral review of sight words from earlier in the year!

January 19, 2014

Colors in Nature

Interactive Kindergarten Emergent Reader

As part of a Journey's lesson (lesson 13), my class will be discussing different colors that we see in nature. I am using this emergent reader as students read to self then to a partner. Students will be given the opportunity to respond to this book on the last two pages.

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Owl You Need is Love

Kindergarten Math and Literacy Centers




January 12, 2014

Martin Luther King Jr. Mini Unit

Martin Luther King Jr. Mini Unit!

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January 11, 2014

This Week's FREEBIE!!

This week, we will be focusing on the middle /a/ sound as well as the letter Nn. I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce the -an word family. Here is an interactive guided reading book (8 pages). Perfect for any kindergarten student! Best of all it's FREE!!!

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January 10, 2014

100 Days Wiser

This week was my first full week back to school since Winter Break. I was a little anxious that my students would fall out of our little routine, but thankfully they were sweet little angles (for the most part). I am even happy to report that some of my parents actually did some school work with them while home! I am so appreciative when parents make my job easier!

With the return of school, I took a look at the next few weeks and noticed that the 100th day of school is quickly approaching. I love doing a big celebration for the 100th day, and not just because we're "over the hill' to summertime.  This year, I am planning to do an owl theme for our celebration. I made a great 100 day unit with an adorable owl theme. Hope you enjoy!

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January 9, 2014

Emergent Readers

I don't know about you, but I can never have enough emergent readers in my classroom! Here are 2 winter themed readers I created.

Kindergarten Winter Emergent Reader

Kindergarten Winter Emergent Reader with Sight Words

January 5, 2014

Word Family Activities

The phonics skill we will be working on this week are words with the short /a/ sound. I like to give students activities in their independent centers that are as hand-on and fun as possible. I made a short /a/ packet with a spinner game and puzzles. Hopefully my class will enjoy these games!

Word Family Center spin Game and Puzzle Activity 

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Go Math! 'I Can' Statements

My school adopted a new math program called Go Math! this year. I created ''I Can" statements for every lesson for the entire year! To ensure that I have up-to-date objectives, I stack the entire chapter of statements in my pocket chart and flip over a new card for each lesson (similar to a deck of cards). This way I always have detailed objectives!

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Go Math! 'I Can" Statements for Kindergarten    Go Math! 'I Can" Statements for Kindergarten

Chillin' Winter Math and Literacy Centers

I love winter break and I have a feeling I'm not alone. I finally finish the tedious tasks that I've been procrastinating for too long and do lots of planning for my classroom. I returned back to work on Thursday, January 2nd when Winter Storm Hercules decided to drop about 7 inches of snow on us, thus granting yet another day off. I used my time off sledding and making a cute winter centers bundle. I guess all the snow inspired me. 

My unit includes:

Literacy Center: Ending Sound Exploration: playing cards & dry erase activity (color)Math: Base Ten with SnowmenMath Center: Addition and Subtraction is Snow Much Fun!: Interactive snowball game! Literacy/writing: Adjectives worksheetEmergent Reader: My SnowmanEmergent Reader: In the Winter (interactive)Math Center: Freezing Fun - Tens frame identification game

I used magnets to make my ending sound centers. 


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