October 9, 2015

Five for Friday: This Week's Favs

Working in an inclusion classroom this year has made me more mobile than ever! I find that I'm always pulling students and using different areas as I am now sharing my kidney table. Creating an RTI bucket has made this MUCH easier. Each week I change the manipulatives, books, and other materials in the caddy to match the needs of my students as well as the weekly objectives. This week, I'm reviewing all of my "must haves" inside my RTI caddy!

If you use Kid Writing I'm sure you already know all about Meatball Spaces! I use glitter pom poms because, well, everything could use a little sparkle! Students use this as a tool to make spaces between words. It's a fun, which makes students want to use them. Your students will never forget spaces between words again.. I hope... :)

Download the writing paper with writing rubric free HERE!

Alphabet beads are now my favorite Dollar Tree find. For now. With my intervention groups, we're working on letter matching and upper/lowercase pairs. This is a fun activity to reinforce these skills while also fine-tuning their fine motor skills! 2 birds, one stone!

Sometimes in kindergarten, making learning fun is the best way to help a struggling student. Writing is usually an area where students may feel the most apprehensive. To make writing seem less intimidating, I made a chalk table from an old table I found. There's something about the permanence of paper and pencil that can make children afraid of mistakes. Using a chalk table magically makes mistakes okay. Hey, I'll so anything to make writing less daunting!

We share in my classroom. It is a big part of our classroom rules. That is everything except my smelly markers. I LOVE MY SMELLY MARKERS! My coteacher used them the other day and I had a group of kids taletelling on her! Too funny! Anyway, for the record I do share my smelly markers with other teachers and students. I just make sure the students are with me when they use them. They're not always too kind to my marker supply. They also usually have marker under their noses from smelling them. These make for a GREAT incentive when working in RTI. My students LOVE highlighting with such "special" markers!

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