March 15, 2018

Math Fact Fluency: Addition within 10

Learning fact fluency by the end of first grade is an important math skill to prepare first graders for second grade. Basic math facts are as important as learning high frequency words by heart. Students need to see a fact and know it... quickly. 

My class was struggling with fluency this year so I decided to make a no-prep homework packet to send home each week for some extra practice. I give a 5-page packet each week and attach a sheet of flashcards on colored card stock.

I also included some fun and easily differentiated activities I do during guided math. Enjoy!

Fact Fluency Homework: 

Facts 1-10
Flash Cards
Addition & Subtraction page (facts 1-10)
Addition page (facts 1-9)
Subtraction page (facts 1-10)
Fact Family page (facts 1-10)
Timed Addition and Subtraction page (1-10)

Hands-On Addition Fact Fluency Practice for the Classroom

I made these activities to be used over and over again in my class. I have different dice for the games that help me easily differentiate for my students. 

 Roll & Add: Students roll dice to practice addition. These ten frame dice I used help me differentiate because there are 4 different levels of dice (numbers 1-5, 5-10, 10-15, and 15-20). Students are aware of which color dice they are to use. 

Roll & Count: For this activity, I use these double dice. Students use any strategy to add. Again, you can use higher number dice. 


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