January 27, 2015


TAKE AWAY to 'bad guys' with this fun and interactive subtraction math center!

Click HERE to download!
Many of my students have trouble differentiating between addition and subtraction so we made fun superhero anchor charts. I made special ones for my classroom and named them after my students and we even made capes to go with it! I made an anchor chart for you all to use and 2 matching subtraction centers.

Click HERE to download!

 Subtraction Superhero Subtraction Pack:

My Subtraction Superhero pack is perfect for any math center. I make 5 math centers each week. Students are heterogeneously grouped into 5 groups. Each group visits a new math center each day. This makes planning and preparation more manageable and allows for more time at each center.  While students are working in centers, I pull students who may need a little more one-on-one assistance with a particular skill. We use engaging and unexpected materials like shaving cream to keep my group fun!

I spend about 2 weeks reviewing subtraction and I made 2 independent centers for those weeks.

Subtraction Activity 1: 

Students use the above cards to answer subtraction problems. They use the pictures to determine the correct answer. I provided 2 different recording sheets in order to more easily differentiate. 

Subtraction Activity 2:

Cut and laminate the activity cards. Students use the prurple cards to find how many counters (or bad uys) we began with. For example, ___ - 4 = 4. Students look at the picture and count how many counters they began with. Students can use a dry erase marker to record the answer on the activity card. They are also provided with a recording sheet (shown above) to record answers. This center focuses on the beginning algebraic skills outlined in the Common Core.




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