April 29, 2014

Butterfly Life Cycle

 Butterfly Life Cycle

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I love ending the school year teaching about butterflies. It's such a fun way to get children involved and exciting about learning! This year, we started by planting. One of the plants we grew was a milkweed plant. Our class discussed that butterflies often lay their eggs on the leaves of milkweed plants. We will be planting them outside as we prepare to learn about monarch butterflies in hopes that we can actually grow our ow monarch butterflies next year, as opposed to painted lady ones I order online. Another advantage of getting your butterflies from your own plant is that you can get the actual egg. Most online stores send you caterpillars, thus not allowing students to see the pull process.

To supplement this investigation, I made a butterfly life cycle bundle to share will all of you! It's straight forward and provides you with everything you need to begin your own butterfly investigation in your classroom, except the butterflies of course!

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