April 29, 2018

A Week of FREE Reading Plans!

Lesson planning can get so tedious, especially towards the end-of-the-year! I wanted to share my lesson plans for this week with you all to use. I have Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription and I use the free books in many of my lessons and I LOVE it. I wanted to share how useful this service is in my classroom. 

1. No more 'I can't see the picture!' - By reading the book on my SmartBoard, every student has a front row seat! 

2. My students can reread the books on our classroom Kindles or on Chromebooks - You can download the books to your Kindles with the push of a button. I often see my students using our Kindles to reread the stories at Read to Self. You can also access the books on Amazon Kindle Reader on Chromebooks! 

3. No more lost books - I'm not always the most organized teacher. I add links to my lesson plans so all I have to do it click and POOF, my book is ready to read! 

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