November 22, 2015

Christmas Math & Literacy Centers

Kindergarten Christmas Literacy Center
Holiday Lights Alphabet & Phonics Activity: Students string lights while matching uppercase letters, lowercase letters and their sounds. Attach to magnets, Velcro, or clothes pins to make a festive center to use the whole holiday season!

Gingerbread Vowel Sort: Attach  the gingerbread vowels to a cookie sheet and have students scoop up gingerbread and place them on the correct vowel to math the picture's middle sound. For added dun use a spatula!  

Kindergarten Christmas Math Center
Tinsel Teen Math Center: Use gumdrops, peppermints, or any festive holiday candy as a counter. Students make the number on the tens frame and record how many candies fit n the tens frame and how many are off the tens frame. 

Kindergarten Christmas Sight Word Center
Tinsel Teen Math Center: Unscramble sight words by using the handwriting boxes. Use task cards as a wipe and write or use the recording sheet.

Kindergarten Christmas Rhyming Center
It's Christmas RHYME Phonics Center: This includes 2 activities. The first, students spin a paperclip and color a word in that word family. In the second activity use the task cards and sort them by word that rhyme and words that do not rhyme. Color the correct tree to indicate the answer. 

Kindergarten Christmas Addition Center
Decomposing Tens: Use pom poms to make ten ornaments on the tree. Record how many of each color made ten. 

Kindergarten Christmas Writing Center
Holiday Roll & Write: Use the holiday writing paper and the holiday words die. Students roll and write about the word they land on. 

Kindergarten Christmas Writing Activity
Holiday Present Writing Craftivity: This includes 2 writing prompts. The first, students cut our pictures of things they want and things they actually need. The second is used with Elf of the Shelf. Students draw and write about naughty and nice things the elf did.

Kindergarten Christmas Literacy Center
Fun & Frosty Sentences: Includes 4 winter and holiday themed sentences. Students read, trace, build and write the sentences. 

Kindergarten Christmas Emergent Reader
Santa Clause, Santa  Clause, What Do You See? Emergent Reader

Kindergarten Christmas Math Center (Addition)
Jingle All the Ways Math Center: Record different ways to make 10 by counting Santa and his Reindeer. 

To add to the holiday fun, I like to make little themed work areas throughout the year. This winter I made this reading nook. Students 'cozy up while they read. 

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  1. My son attends this Phoenix preschool, it is slightly higher in price but the difference in his excitement towards learning has changed tremendously in a positive manner. The teachers are so warm and welcoming.


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