September 14, 2015

Common Core Math Centers

Currently, my class is working on representing, writing, and identifying numbers 1-10. I do this the first few weeks of every school year. As my students work to get used to our guided math procedures, especially independent centers, I look for engaging ways for students to practice these skills. I especially enjoy this center because student work together to fill each gumball machine. They also have a recording workbook where they use paint markers to represent each number. The workbook can be use for  assessment purposes. 

Lesson Plan:

An interactive workbook is included in this math center. Students use paint markers to stamp gumballs on each machine. 

 This center also refines fine motor skills. Simply have students pick up pom poms with kid tweezers!
Enjoy!!! :)

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  1. Hello, I was just wondering how well does the poster marker work?
    Are they to messy and is the dry time to long?

    1. Hey Liz!

      The poster markers are my favorite! There are several different brands you can get and I believe they are also called "dot paints". They dry fairly quickly and are much easier than actual paint.

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