February 28, 2015

Dr. Seuss Activities and Craftivities!


 Happy birthday Dr. Seuss! Celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday is a BIG deal in my classroom! We had a great time making paper mache hot air balloons, decorating our door, and reading all kids of Dr. Seuss books! Check out some of our activities!

What you'll need:
* paper mache strips (or newspaper, flour, & water)
* balloons
* cups or empty single serving cereal containers 
* paint
* string

Cover the ballon with paper mache. Wait 24 hours before painting. Poke a hole through the top of the balloon and fish yarn through. Attach cup and viola! 

Get my Dr. Seuss Activity Bundle HERE



1. Rhyming Time Game: includes 12 colored rhyming cards, 2 headers
2. Rhyme Time Recording Sheets (2 pages)
3. Oh! The Places You'll Go! Blank writing paper to use with any writing prompt.
4. Oh! The Places You'll Go! Writing activity with prompts.
5. Oh! The Places You'll Go! Teen Number Stamp
6. Oh! The Places You'll Go! Teen Number Addition
7. Rhyming and Reading Activity
8. CVC Wipe and Write Activity (includes 15 color cards and 2 recording sheets)


  1. Can't get to the packet? I am a student teacher and am teaching the lesson and am looking for two math pages for centers for Kindergarten students.

  2. Cant get to the packet? Looking for 2 pages. I am a student teacher. I don't need a huge packet.


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