May 28, 2018

Digital Behavior Charts Using Google Sheets!

Let's be honest; behavior charts are a lot of work. Between managing each section of the day, sending it home each night, having it returned each day, and making copies for your records, it's no wonder why so many can be less than effective. I utilize Google Apps a lot in my room, and I knew there was a way to use Google as a tool to make my life a little bit easier.

Below is a picture of my behavior chart. I made it using Google Slides. It's super easy to make, but if you want a free copy of mine, head on over to my Instagram page (@happylittlekindergarten) and find out how to get a copy of mine for FREE. 

Here's how I use mine:

1. Instead of sending home a paper each night, I simply share my Google Sheet with the parent. I encourage the parent to download the Google Sheets App on their phone so they can checkin throughout the day. 

2. I also share this with my student on Google Classroom. Tip: Only allow the student to view this in the 'advanced settings'. 

3. Make a copy and add pages for each week. This way you can make sure you have every copy of the behavior chart for your records. 

4. Add comments in sections to describe why the child didn't each a checkmark by clicking 'insert' and 'comment' in the section. This can help explain behaviors to the parent, principal, behavior specialist, etc. 

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