September 19, 2016

Sweet & Simple Reading Interactive Notebook for Young Learners

I love using interactive notebooks in my classroom. It's a great way to keep a portfolio of student work as well as giving students a reference they created themselves. That being said, I also have a lot of trouble with some interactive notebooks. As a kindergarten teacher, I notice that many interactive notebooks have complicated instructions and directions that my students cannot read!

I decided to make a reading interactive notebook that was simple, repetitive, and full of pictures AND words. Through the repetition, my students are able to focus their energies on the lesson objective instead of complicated instructions. They are also given pictures on each activity to better understand and visualize lesson objectives. *Helpful tip: make anchor charts to match the interactive notebooks!!!

Here's is a quick preview of the notebook. It is simple, yet rigorous, and is easy to differentiate!




  1. I am very impressed with reading interactive notebook because it was full of interesting pictures and words. This kind of stuff is always loved by small kids in my class so will surely use these printables for them. Recently I used activities in the class and kids enjoyed these activities a lot.

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