December 12, 2015

Guided Math Activities

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Let's talk guided math. 

We started implementing guided math in my school about 2 years ago. Prior to my guided math awakening I was making 4 math centers per day. I found myself stressed about not only the excruciating prep of creating so many activities each day, but I also struggled to get finished with the centers. When the idea of guided math was introduced, I greeted the change with open arms. 

So here's what works for me. I implement guided math by creating 5 math centers per week. I group my students heterogeneously and they rotate to a new center each day. During this time, I pull students who struggled during the math lesson and provide a reteach lesson individually. This means that most of my math centers are completed independently by the students. I'm lucky enough to have a full-time assistant in my classroom who is able to take a math center are help others while I'm with my reteach group. 

Here's how I organize my group rotations each week...
I write student names on each group. I laminated stars and write the weekly center on each star with dry-erase and attach a magnet. When I rotate groups, I simply move the stars over 1 place. This way, students know which center to go to. I organize centers in numbered buckets shown below.

See? Easy breezy!

Currently, I'm working with my students on addition and subtraction. I'd love to share some resources I've found to be useful in my guided math groups. 

First, I made a Guided Math Center Bundle. You can get it HERE. This week, we used the Spin and Subtract center. Here, students spin subtraction sentences. This is great because I was actually able to use it 2 weeks in a row. Because they spin different combinations of numbers, the possibilities are endless!

I also used a similar Spin & Add center. Here, students build number sentences. 

Addition & Subtraction

I made some lower-maintenance addition math worksheets which require no-prep! Hellloooo sanity-saver! Here are some of the activities I'll be using!




  1. Hi, I came over here from the forums to investigate this Blog hop thing and I got completely side tracked by your blog! It really is fab! I love this post and I will be saving it. We recently started guided maths and to be honest I feel a bit lost! This looks great! Thanks for the post! (See you in the Hop!)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed my post. Good luck with guided math!

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