July 16, 2015

Camp Kindergarten: Ocean Week!

This week in my summer camp, my class discussed the ocean (for additional ocean resources click HERE). Camp Google was a very valuable resource for the students. We completed an experiment on echolocation by discussing how dolphins see underwater. The Camp Google website explains how to do this, but I added the directions below as well!

Echolocation Experiment

Materials: Paper towel rolls, tin pan, tape.

Students demonstrate echolocation by whispering into a paper towel roll that is pointed toward the tin. A partner points the other paper towel toward the tin and places his/her ear on the roll. Students take turns. You can use wrapping paper rolls as well!

My class LOVED this experiment. We even turned it into a literacy center by placing sight word cards at the center. One partner spelled a word while the other listened and tried to name the sight word.

Camp Google

 Visit Camp Google

Whether you are teaching over the summer or if you have little ones at home, this new website created by Google is  amazing! The perfect resource to find interesting activities to do over the summer. New activities are uploaded weekly and follow several themes. I used Camp Google this week during my summer camp. Check it out!

Sight Word Fishing Game

 Sight Word Fishing
This is easily a favorite in my classroom! Students simply pull fish using a magnetic fishing rod and read the sight words. If they can read the word on the card they can keep the fish! Download it HERE

Other Camp Ideas!

 Check out the camp bundle HERE
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 Check out my TPT store!

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